The Woodfuel Centre
North East suppliers of firewood, kindling, logs, woodchip, sawdust, wood pellets, reclaimed hardwood and smokeless fuels

Kindling and Firelighters from The Woodfuel Centre

The Woodfuel Centre supplies premium quality sticks which are kiln dried to reduce the moisture content to approximately 15%.

The extra benefits of our Kindling are:

  • Easy lighting
  • Reduced smoke
  • Dry wood produces more heat
  • Easier to lift and transport
  • Longer storage life
  • Ventilated net bags
  • No shortage of supply
  • Collect or deliver
  • No sweat or smell                       
  • Sustainable sources   


We supply Kindling in ventilated net bags of which can be delivered straight to your door or customers can collect directly from our factory.

Firelighters contain Kerosene (Petroleum).
Keep out of the reach of children.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes


Orderline: 01670 857138