The Woodfuel Centre
North East suppliers of firewood, kindling, logs, woodchip, sawdust, wood pellets, reclaimed hardwood and smokeless fuels

Training from The Woodfuel Centre

We provide Employment Training, work experience and activities for people with mental health issues, learning difficulties and those who need support to access employment.

Our factory provides the opportunity for a structured training programme which builds confidence and self esteem within a real working environment. Each individual acquires a variety of skills at their own pace, with the support they need, in order to achieve future employment.

Money raised via the sale of our product is invested into training programmes at our Northumberland centres in West Sleekburn, Stakeford and Blyth.

These include:

  • Woodfuel (West Sleekburn)
  • Market Garden (Stakeford)
  • Handicrafts (Blyth)
  • Joinery (Sleekburn)
  • Garden Maintenance (Blyth)
  • Computers (Blyth)
  • Cookery (Blyth)
  • Supported Housing (Blyth)

Orderline: 01670 857138