The Woodfuel Centre
North East suppliers of firewood, kindling, logs, woodchip, sawdust, wood pellets, reclaimed hardwood and smokeless fuels

Woodchip from The Woodfuel Centre

Woodchip is the most readily available supply of biomass fuel in the U.K. today. It is collected from sawmills, coppice and woodland management lopping and topping

The Woodfuel Centre supplies woodchip which is air dried to reduce the moisture content to an average of 25% . It is delivered in large quantities for Industrial, Commercial and Domestic use in woodchip burning boilers to provide heating and hot water

The extra benefits of our Woodchip fuel are:

  • Closed Carbon Cycle
  • Carbon Neutral Fuel
  • Clean Fuel
  • No Pollution
  • No Fossil Fuels
  • No Carbon Dioxide Increase
  • No Global Warming
  • No Carbon Tax
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Stable Energy Costs
  • Fast Payback Time
  • Sustainable Source
  • Supports Managed Woodland
  • Efficient Heating
  • Reliable
  • Reduced Delivery Miles


Orderline: 01670 857138