The Woodfuel Centre
North East suppliers of firewood, kindling, logs, woodchip, sawdust, wood pellets, reclaimed hardwood and smokeless fuels

Wood Pellets from The Woodfuel Centre

Wood pellets are perfect for the environment because they are carbon neutral. The trees that they are made from absorb as much carbon while they grow as the pellets release when they burn.

Because of their versatility, pellets have a variety of uses and can feed automatic boilers and furnaces as well as pellet stoves and most traditional stoves

Wood PelletsThe benefits of our pellets are:

  • Small and regular shape
  • Ideal for automated systems
  • Low moisture content 7 - 8%
  • More heat output
  • Easier to store
  • Easier to transport
  • 100% natural product
  • No shortage of supply
  • Sustainable sources                                 

You can also use wood pellets as cat litter.

  • Highly absorbant
  • Has a fresh odour to reduce smell
  • is 100% Biodegradeable
  • A natural product
  • Easy carry 10kg bag


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